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ENGLAND: Beyond the sunset

A window looking back on England’s past.The illustrious,centuries-long history of England; the facts and events!
But also your own memories of a deceased loved one,a family crest,an image of the house you used to live in,or a hero you have always admired; you can now them live on with this ENGLAND airbrush special,completed by yourself.

The examples show you the possibilities.The image of Sir Winston Churchill you can order ready made,but you can also leave out the text in the window,or have your own text inserted.
It is also possible to order an “empty”frame,which means there is no photo or text added,and you can complete it yourself.
Under the open white circle (diameter 14cm) is a small space (28mm high 110mm wide) to insert a name with dates.
Of all the squadrons which participated in the Battle of Britain,you can only order  the images which are shown on this page.
The series will be expanded in due course.

You can ask for more information about these images by clicking on the e-mail address on this site.Ask for ENGLAND + AY-23 and you will receive,in clear and readable English ,an e-mail with step by step guide on how to order a special,created by yourself.

This is A-0 format: 119cm x 84cm printed on vibrant gloss 225grs.AY serie 0 BeyondTheSunset WinstonChurchill.AY serie 0 BeyondTheSunset.

AY serie0 BeyondTheSunset 616 squadronAY serie0 BeyondTheSunset 74 squadron.